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Postby wilkscm » 07 Jan 2006, 07:51

hi chris what are the best seetings for capturing laserdisc please be gentle with me i am new to this i want to get the best result onto dvd. i have a compro 300 card and the pvr 150 which is best and i really appreciate your help

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Postby Chris » 26 Jan 2006, 13:21

You can record in AVI and MPEG (use DVD preset) files with ChrisTV, but you need to author the DVD, for more info check the guides here :
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Postby anubclaw » 02 Feb 2006, 19:38

I do Author my own DVD Recordings and I have good results with the following settings
(my TV Card is Medion 2819)
Set the MPEG Settings to the following:
MPEG Format : MPEG 2 DVD

Frame Size : 720x576
Frame Rate : 25,00fps
Sample Rate : 48 kHz
Video Bitrate : 6000 KBits/s
Audio Bitrate : 224 KBits/s

Total Bitrate : 6224 KBits/s
File Split : 4063 MB

This is about enough for 1hour 30 Minutes on a DVD 4.7GB DVD.
If you have a longer Movie you can reduce the Video Bitrate or leave it and render the generated files down with DVD Shrink 3.2 (since its free and the fastest) :)
free download is searchable over

For the DVD Authoring Process I recommend TMPEG DVD Author 1.6.
You can trial the Program from here:

It allows you to just take the output from the above MPEG 2 File and Push it onto DVD with the DVD Author 1.6.
DVD Author is not free but I think its good and easy :). It allows to create Menus and Animated Chapter previews.
I hope this helps with the recording :)

Greetings Anubclaw

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