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Postby Chris » 05 Mar 2006, 14:37

ChrisTV offers 3 automatic TV channel scanning methods and 1 automatic Radio-FM station scanning method.

You can access the automatic scanning feature from Channels Settings Window->"Automatic Scan" button.

TV Channels automatic channel scanning methods :
  • by channel number
  • by frequency - available in Professional and Standard versions only.
  • by channel table
You can change between scanning modes by pressing the "Scan Mode" button in the Automatic Scan window.

The most common used channel automatic scan method is by channel number, where you only have to choose your country and start the scanning.

The best results can be obtained using automatic scan method by frequency(not supported by all tv cards).

If you still have problems to find channels, you should press "Advanced Settings..." button in Automatic Scan window and try to enable one or more of the below settings and start another automatic scan :
  • Use secondary channel scanning system
  • Use alternative channel frequency setting
  • Use special frequency tunning
If not all of your channels are found, you can add them manually by pressing the "Add new..." button in Channels Settings Window. You can also add Composite and S-Video inputs into the channels list.

For some countries the sound and video could not work correctly because the TV Cable providers don't use the official country Video Standard for the channels that they provide. For example Romania has PAL DK and some providers are using PAL-BG (like Germany) for their channels. So you'll have to change the country to other value.

There are also situations when some channels have sound and other only noise, this is because the cable provider uses 2 different video standards for the broadcasted channels. In this situation you should enable in Program Settings->Driver Settings->Advanced Settings->"Force Country change according to channel Video Standard" using Method 1,2 or 3.
For the channels that do not have sound, you have to change the Video Standard in Channels Settings to other value.
For example, if the cable provider broadcasts PAL BG and PAL DK channels, and you are living in a western european country (for example Germany) the default Video Standard is PAL BG. All channels using PAL BG standard will have sound, the PAL DK channels will have noise. In this case you have to enable the option above and set the Video Standard for this channels to PAL DK and restart ChrisTV PVR.

If ChrisTV still has found 0 channels, then you should import a ChrisTV channels list or add manually the channels :
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