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Post by Rexy »

I was going through some of my old junk and I found this Pinnacle Systems PCI tv tuner card. I only found the card without any written documents or a manual, so I was hoping you can help here.
It was by coincidence that I got here. I just saw a news post on saying that there's a new version of this application I wasn't aware of, ChrisTV, which I assumed, because of its name, had something to do with tv cards.
Anyway, back to my card. I didn't have a chance to try and plug it in yet so the only things I can let you know about it to help you help me identify it are exterior features. So here are some I think are most important:
* on the big box thingy it has two stickers, one with the Philips logo and another saying
"3139 147 13571B#
FI1216MFMk2/PH hm
SV23 0005
Made in Singapore"
* on a chip in the opposite corner of the big grey box thingy it says
0005 KOREA"
* on the side it has the Pinnacle Systems logo and under it it says "ROB2D - 660806 - 2.0"
* on the back it has the same thing, the logo and that number. But it also has a sticker the has a barcode at the top and under it
Pinnacle Systems GmbH
(I) Made in Germany"
* it has 4 connectors labled TV, Audio Out, Comp, and S-Video.

Anyone knows what card this is?
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Post by Chris »

It seems that you have Pinnacle PCTV - TV Card.
I think is not PCTV PRO - because Pro has a radio antenna input also.
You should try to install their drivers or btwincap generic driver :

ChrisTV works without any problems with it ;)

Post by Rexy »

I see. Thanks.
It's probably the one you mentioned.
It's prolly not the PRO version, as you said. It doesn't have anything under where it says "internal radio upgrade".
I'll get a chance to test it out next week. I'll be sure to use your app, it sounds great. :D

Post by Rexy »

Hmmm... I was just looking around Pinnacle Systems' website and they say this PCTV comes with a remote control... and i'm pretty sure I didn't get a remote with my card when I bought it. Could it be this card is way too old to be even listed on their website?

Also, what benefits, if any, will I get out of using an alternative driver (that is, not the original one supplied by the company)?

Edit :
I manged to find it on there website finally just downloading it now
pctv driver

Post by Robert_B »

If your PC doesn't recognize the card, try running PCI Configuration Monitor available here:

In Unknown Class, it will tell you the PCI_VEN and DEVICE_ID of your card. With that, you can post it here, or you can search on Google which card it exactly is.

What you can also do, is look for the card's FCC ID number, and go to or to identify your card.
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Post by afzalnaj »

this page, i am sure...will be a lot of help in order to find out which tv tuner card you have ... Windows-Xp
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