Tip: Vmr9 Mode Under Vista

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Postby Louie » 29 Jun 2007, 15:46

If by default use ChrisTV with VMR9 mode, and click on UAC used item, then will get a black screen after UAC mode.
I have a tip, for workaround this problem.

- open Start menu and type this to search field: secpol.msc
- open Local (second item)
- click on Security settings
- search UAC desktop settings (I use hungarian Vista, I don't know what is in English version), and Disable this.

That's all: UAC is working, and VMR9 mode is ok with ChrisTV. ;)
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Postby Maja07 » 03 Aug 2007, 20:10

I don't know which version of ChrisTV you are using or what Vista.

I have Vista Ultimate 64-Bit running. Both ChrisTV PVR Standard demo, and ChrisTV PVR Professional demo came up with the black image problem on their first start. I messed around with several tipps'n tricks, tried this and that codecs, turned my system upside down, nothing helped. Canceled all that again, cleaned the registry, reactivated services or security setting and finally and simply intalled the DirectX 9c runtime from Microsoft download pages. I should've done that bevor any other action.

For me that's it. No trick. No cheat. Just DX9c and Vista as it is.

Appears to be logical if some overlay or VRM9 mode is needed, doesn't it? I think ChrisTV doesn't support DX10, yet. :huh:

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Postby egil » 26 Nov 2007, 19:10

That is a bad advice, since it lowers security.

Whenever a UAC dialog box is displayed, Vista switches to a very limited desktop (and shows a screen shot of your normal desktop as background) to help protect the hole UAC process from being tampered with.

If you disable the limited desktop, you only get half the protection from UAC.

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