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Post by Chris »

ChrisTV PVR 5.10 brings support for TitanTV to schedule recordings from TV Guide.

TitanTV Listings Official Website :

In order to enable TitanTV support with ChrisTV PVR, please follow next steps:

1. You need to signup at TitanTV and get a free account : ... x?nspred=1

2. Launch ChrisTV PVR and go to Program Settings->TV Guide Settings

3. Activate TitanTV Support.

4. Now you can set the default settings for the scheduled task that will be created when you add a new recording task from TitanTV.

5. Click "Save Settings" button.

6. In order to syncronize TitanTV channel lineup with ChrisTV PVR Channels, you will have to set in TitanTV listings the Channel CALLSIGN to the channel name you have in ChrisTV. To change the callsign you have to choose on TitanTV website: TV Listing->Customize Channel Lineups.

This should enable ChrisTV PVR Support for the TitanTV Listings.
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Post by DonCorneo »

There isn't a listing for ChrisTV for TitanTV Guide's "PVR/Tuner Device Preferences". What do we set it to, or is TitanTV Guide still usable?

I found out what to do. TitanTV does not list ATI TV Tuners. You have to set it to the closest UltraTVT listing.
I used this setting and it set the schedule in ChrisTV with no problem.
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