A Tip To Lower Cpu Use

Make your ChrisTV PVR work better and solve any settings problem

Postby Robert_B » 04 May 2004, 19:22

I just discovered a neat workaround to run ChrisTV on a Matrox (G400) card without using more than 40% of CPU on my XP machine (Athlon 2200+).

I set the bit depth on the card to 16 bits (Medium) instead of 32 bits (Highest). Wish XP had a True Color (24 bit) setting to test, but 24 bit is always slower on 32 bit processors and therefore outdated.

I also found out that deinterlacing works much better in 16 bit mode. It did practically nothing (if something at all) in 32 bit mode, except using more CPU (about 10% more with Dscaler on).

Best of all, I can now use the VMR-9 mode, without the picture being upside down or "jerking like a strobe light " when rendering above 640x480 pixels :)

BTW I use my Matrox card with a single 19" monitor 1280x1024 @ 85 Hz refresh.

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