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We are glad to announce that starting with version 5.20 of ChrisTV PVR Professional you can broadcast your favorite TV shows, Movies, radio stations to your friends through local networks and through internet.

For the broadcast feature to work properly you need to download and install Windows Media Encoder 9, for download links please click here.

ChrisTV Broadcast feature offers 3 options for your broadcast: Video & Audio, Video only, Audio only. Also you can choose the frame size and video/audio bitrates depending on clients' internet connection bandwidth.


After the broadcast is started in ChrisTV, your friends can connect to your computer to watch it.

To connect to your computer they will need to have installed on their computer Windows Media Player version 9 (or higher) or other media players which can play online streams.

Also they will need to have the address of the stream, which has the following format : http://IP:PORT
IP is your computer internet address (assigned by your ISP - Internet Service Provider might be your proxy IP address or your router IP address) if you want to share the broadcast online or the local network address in case you are sharing in your local network.
PORT is the value you have set in ChrisTV's broadcast settings window, default is set to port 80.

In Windows Media Player they have to choose from the File menu the "Open URL" option and input the stream address.

To determine your internet IP address, please check this page :

If the broadcast mode fails to start, you should change the video rendering settings, for example enable/disable VMR9/Overlay Mixer or disable the deinterlace/ffdshow filter (in Program Settings->Video Rendering) and try again to start the broadcast mode.

If they can't connect to your broadcast stream and you have a firewall installed you should make sure that it allows connections on the port number you have selected in the broadcast settings window.

If you are behind a router you need to make sure that the port you have selected is open and accesible from outside connection, if not you will need to make port forwarding, for more details check this page :
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