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I never could get my msi tv@anywhere master remote working with christv, so while searching the web i came across this page :
I don't understand the language the website is in, but it contained source code for some kind of plugin for girder 3.xx series. Anyway i had a look at the source code and it was all fairly obvious to what was happening and it's actually quite easy to get the remote control working with other programs.

I made a test tool for us msi tv@anywhere master users. You can download it here ( ... ), with Delphi source code included. I used the functions from the plugin and added a little sendkeys thingie. Basicly it checks if it can load the msi dll file and loads it then it keeps monitoring for a key press on the remote. If there is a keypress the program will list the key pressed. If the key pressed is channel up/down or volume up/down or 0..9 it will send a command via the keyboard buffer to christv and it changes the volume and channels. I haven't implemented anything more than that since it's a test version.

If people with a tv@anywhere master card are willing to test this.

To chris :
since Christv is written in delphi i was wondering if you could add support for this remote control, now that it is known how simple it actually is to receive signals for it. (just have a look at the source).

You could for example let people specify the dll from that comes with the installation disc of this card and load it in chris tv just as i did in the source code. (I provided the dll this time but normally you shouldn't) And then directly make support for certain functions of chris tv for this remote. It could even work with other msi tv@anywhere cards but i don't know that.

If you don't want to add support for this remote, i am willing to create a little freeware application for it that will give more options.

Currently it's very bare it was just a test and it works great with the current chris tv 5.15 and my msi tv@anywhere master card.

willems davy
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Hi guys,
I worked some more on it and i created a very simple and minimalistic tool to use it. The code is far from perfect but i included it anyway.

With this program you can now add commands yourself for the remote control, meaning :
- You can start a certain program with a press on the remote control.
- You can quit a program with a press on the remote control.
- You can send (Alt +) keys to a certain program.

The program lacks the following :
- mouse movement
- sending special keys to a program (like ctrl+ key shift+key).
- Sending Virtual key codes
- Sending WM_Messages to an application
- many more things.

Anyway the program does all i want to use the remote with chris tv if i find some more time i might restart coding it or modify certain things.

There is an included .ir file which you can import (exported ir commands) for christv 5.15 when installed to it's default location. (if you got christv installed to another directory, don't forget to change the "start program ir command" to reflect your location of the christv.exe file.)

You can get the program here ... ils&id=228

Oh yeah a small note if you want to use it with other applications. The program uses the window's classname to find the window handle. Basicly when setting up an ir command the target means you have to point your mouse to the window which will be getting the commands until you hear a small blip sound to let you know it has finished. Make sure you always select the outer window (just hover your mouse over it until you hear the sound). cause for example with christv the "window" with classname videorenderer, inside the main window didn't react to keypresses. But the main window did. Just test it out a bit.

willems davy

My website is down, due to bandwith exceeding. It should be back up in 2-3 days so be patient, in the mean time i uploaded the tool to my other website here : ...
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Thank you for your input and your work on this software.

Regarding your suggestion to include support directly in ChrisTV PVR for this remote control, it will be better to keep the software standalone as many users are controlling with their remote besides ChrisTV PVR, other multimedia applications for playing movies or listening to music.

Keep up the good work.
Best Regards,
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