If you have any suggestions/comments concerning ChrisTV PVR Software post here
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Postby Koen Aalders » 26 Feb 2007, 17:20

- location of source to be displayed (xy position) (it seems im getting 1cm black area @ left side of screen, and cannot configure this.. Zoom works partially; only NOT with recording....
- picture in picture (adjustable size) (recording 1 channel;showing another)
- TV Agent crashes in MS VISTA on timer start. Not when chris TV is already running and timer starts. (weird...)
- hardware encoder (hauppage 500) improvement. With quick action on tv, in recording mode it usually results in (rather smooth) lined captured output. NOT like you see on tv; even not with bitrate of 12mbit....
- perhaps usage of hardware encoder for other encodings (xvid, h264, divx) ??
- usage of filters on hardware recording mode if possible (hauppage 500)


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