Pixelview Playtv Pro Ultra Girder .gml File

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Postby scavenger » 25 Dec 2004, 16:25

For Girder to work properly you have to first download a plugin for your card -> Pixelview Pro Ultra

After download install the plugin and configure Girder to autoload it:
File-> Settings-> Plugins -> select PixelView PlayTv Pro Ultra and Auto Enable Input device

Select the Chris TV remote file to autoload:
File-> Settings-> General -> Auto Load and select "Chris TV.GML"

The the girder .gml file has ALL Chris TV functions (v4.05). I'm shure that it will work with all PixelView cards too because they have the same remote and the only difference is the girder Plugin!

Tested with Girder 3.3.5!

This is only for Chris TV if u want to make your remote also control Winamp and other aplications at the same time u have to do it on your own! (Hint: Enable/Disable groups) - I would like to implement a "MEDIA CENTER" like girder file that will also control Winamp, Crystal Player and maybe some other programs but I don't know if I would have the time!
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Postby reeven » 10 Jun 2009, 16:31

Any new profile for Girder and ChrisTV?

I use your ChrisTV Profile to make a new one, for MCE remote.

m noob at Girder, i use Girver 5, this one is complicated compared to v3 Girder, i look at your profile and see Keyboard G3 commands, and use G3 to make my profiles.

This is for Leadtek tuners, an profile for WinfastPVR2 :

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