BBC download issues

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BBC download issues

Postby TheBoys7885 » 25 Dec 2019, 22:58

Hi all,

Seems I have the same issue as others with BBC Iplayer downloads, randomly freezing/jumping during playback.

Anyone found a workaround?

I use a VPN, ExpressVPN, I have tried to use link finder but despite the VPN being online to the UK, BBC tells me I am not in the UK, even though at the same time I can stream directly from my browser from BBC, so seems the issue is within the linkfinder browser.

Have no issues downloading from ITV


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Re: BBC download issues

Postby Chris » 26 Dec 2019, 08:55

You can tweak some software settings in case your connection speed is slow. Please contact support with your order number and link to this post.
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