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Postby Chris » 16 Oct 2003, 10:47

Hi all,
It seems that MSI TV@nywhere Products that have the new chipset Conexant CX2388x don't want to set any channel using ChrisTV.

The cause is this :
ChrisTV uses 2 methods (Interfaces of DirectShow) to set the channel frequency, on all cards listed on works, but with MSI it doesnt.

It seems that this 2 interfaces are not implemeted or are just dummys :(

So the questions is :

Is the MSI Driver Buggy or is some trick in order to not use 3rd party software by people that don't like the app bundled with the TV Card ?

And another question : On the MSI Site it says that their drivers have WHQL, how can they receive this label, if they don't make their WDM Driver after the Microsoft Specifications ?

For more Q&A check this : ... ht=christv

Will see what happends ;)

Best Regards,
ChrisPC Support

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Postby marcellino » 07 Nov 2003, 16:14

please, master, make something with this boolshit MSI TV Anywhere Master that 3 of my friends were duped to buy while following my innocent advice (also duped by MSI advertising...)
There is no way to use your excellent software that me at least wanna buy for this !
(yes, doesn't recognize my friends' MSI card, based on CX23881-19)

I tested on your trial version and don't know what to do as MSIPVS (Intervideo WinDVR 2.0 logo-ed by MSI) still not working as they promised and on the other way is not able to understand DivX, mp3 etc.

when find something, please email me from where to download, test and finally buy to stop this stress ...
Thank you for your great work !

...salutari din Bucuresti si inca o data BRAVOOOO !!
(student regie)

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Postby amazerjohn » 13 Nov 2003, 13:56

:ph34r: You are right ! I tested that card with more apps using same universal VHQL compliant methods like you. Same results. I know this is not your fault.
You tried with new 3.51a patch but still not working.

I think that MSIPVS (WinDVR2) software delivered by their card package use some realtime strings sent to the tuner to keep alive their card. Can you recover them from their inside DLL to include in a new patch ?

I will never buy again any MSI product cause this is only the beginning of a very dubious monopoly strategy that they started while duping their trusting customers...

Bleah!!!! Go faliment MSI with your tricky cards !

(I am looking now for a big sucker to show him urgently MSI's great advertising printed on their tricky package !)

Thank you anyway and if can please recommend me a new tuner based on same CX23881-19 that can be bought a decent price but full enable to all your great featured software to buy. I wanna use also DScaler for its unique deep feature in conjunction with yours greatest.


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Postby trust » 15 Nov 2003, 12:57

Hey all,

I have an MSI TV @nywhere Master with the cx23883 chip and I am going to download Chris TV and try it out -- I will return sometime later to let you know how it goes.

But guys I don't think you are being fair toward MSI's product, they really made a great product here. I'm very happy with the performance of my card, my only beef was the install didn't go as smoothly as the manual showed. Anyway, the problem is not solely with MSI's ability to troubleshoot this issue, but the majority of the computer industry's ability to help you out when something is wrong. As consumers we should petition our government to make a law which holds these software manufacturers accountable to the quality of their product and give us true support when we find something lacking.

I think that MSIPVS (WinDVR2) software delivered by their card package use some realtime strings sent to the tuner to keep alive their card. Can you recover them from their inside DLL to include in a new patch ?

Go download a copy of Intervideo WinDVR off the Intervideo website, if it works with your card then either Intervideo is helping MSI pull off a trick, or what you've said here is not true. It still won't give you a definite answer, but I would hope the former would be unlikely.

I'll be back B)

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Postby aqua » 16 Nov 2003, 07:27

Well, I have a MSI TV @nywhere (not master) and although I do like parts of it, MSI definately had some oversights when they were making this: An example would be that here in the NTSC region of the world, it can only support monon sound while I hear that in the PAL regions, stereo sound works fine (can someone confirm this for me please). The problem that I have is believing that this could be done internetional, as I cannot see what MSI stands to gain by limiting itself to one software package and wierd sound issues. I think that this is probably an error (that may or may not be able to fixed at this point) as there are no clear benefits. I haven't tried the regular version of winDVR, has anyone used it with success?
I have tried similar drivers from other manufacturers but they didnt work. I noticed that in Dr. Divx it can actually see the source (kinda) but I wasn't able to do much of anything with it. I'm dissapointed with MSI but have a hard time believeing that this is some sort of strategy rather than a screw up. I am considering getting a new tv card so I can use chris-tv but I am unsure what I will do with my MSI then... Maybe Ebay... Too bad I threw out all the original packaging about three weeks ago.

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Postby trust » 16 Nov 2003, 08:57

I'm back, here's what happened:

As you would might've guessed, it's the same deal -- the channels didn't set up. And so I tried it using 'Video Composite in' and that also failed by producing a messed up picture with no audio, it is a ghosted double image made up of white lines with no color whatsoever except for a flickering blue screen peaking through from behind. But on the brighter side -- if you want to call it that -- you can see that it IS STILL a television picture. Too bad, it's close but a no go.

I used the Chris TV Pro vers. for my test. Anyway regardless of it not working with my card, it's a neat program you've put together, I like how the settings are arranged. Good luck.

Just to provide extra info that might be relevant to helping solve this problem, I can tell you that the MSI TV Master tuner does work with a capture program called amcap because I've tested it.

aqua, I've tried the WinDVR trial on my TV Master and it works better than MSI PVS (ie. it doesn't freeze up so much). Unfortunately, I have no idea why you card would have no stereo sound.

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Postby aqua » 17 Nov 2003, 07:56

The stereo sound is a hardware screw up. Nothing can be done about it. MSI changed it for the master card but the original will not do stereo sound in NTSC regions. Period. I'll try to see if I can get WinDVR to work with my card. I appreciate your info, thanks.

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Postby aqua » 19 Nov 2003, 06:07

OK, I officially gave up on the MSI card and sold it to a co-worker (after explaining the issues). I bought the ASUS TV FM Card and it is working in part on ChrisTV 3.2 (a chunk of channels won't autodetect in it although they do in other programs, such as iuVCR. I can't use the demo of ChrisTV 3.5 because time ran out while the MSI card was in my computer. I'm gonna see if I can get another trial so I can try it with this card while I consider purchasing it. Does anyone know if purchase entitiles me to all future updates?

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Postby Wingbane » 02 Dec 2003, 12:36

Heh, forget stereo, channel changing, satellite TV stations, recording while not watching, all of that stuff, i'd be thrilled if i could get my damn MSI card to install properly. I keep getting an error 10 when installing it, either with the originall CD driver, or with the ones i download.

All i wanted it for was to use the S-Video input, to use my Xbox through my computer, so i could use it on my 17" monitor, instead of on my 12" television. When i am playing back in my computer room, because this is where my cable modem is, so i play here when playing on Xbox live games online.

I have another TV Tuner card that works just fine, but it only has a regular RCA input. It only goes up to 800 x 600 and doesnt really look any better (if not worse) then a normal TV. So a friend gave me this one with the S-video in. Both are MSI cards.

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Postby jamfool » 06 Feb 2004, 04:30

Msi TV@anywhere MASTER


Ok this is a nice enought card...but the software makes be want to scream.

It comes bundled with windvr 2.0. so you think fine i will go get me some decent tv software....

oh how silly iam to think it would be that simple....

I tried it with ChrisTV and it didnt work.
tuner wouldnt tune.. (yeah i later read this in the forum ;p )

so I downloaded the updated drivers from msi, and the directx patch etc.. still didnt work with ChrisTV

I then thought Id try to see if it will work with any other software except the windvr... so i tried dscaler and i got one channel...again tuner not working

Looking further I discovered that this one channel was the result of my earlier msi bundled software...which had tuned this channel ( the last channel u watch thru windvr will be displayed)

i tired a few more tv packages and none would work....
so then i began to wonder if something funny was indeed going on, as no other software would get the tuner to work. so i downloaded windvr 3..and it works a little better than windvr2 but it still sucks... however after tuning the channels in they went to blue screen after 4 seconds....aghhhhh

The MSI tuner software sucks

1. I could only get the tuner to work with windvr ( i tried several other packages)

2. The non-bundled version of windvr times out the channels after about 4s, and they go blue (no signal) have msi altered the software to use 'strings' to keep the card alive???

ummmm any idea if this can be fixed...and i can use chrisTV? ..either that or i will take the card back... and get a card that works with chrisTV


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