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ChrisTV 4.90 brings support for TV-Browser to schedule recordings from TV Guide.

TV-Browser Official Website :
German Language :
English ( Google translation ) : ... r%2Eorg%2F
International :

It has support for many TV channels Guide from Europe : Germany, Swiss, Austria,Poland, Sweden(using swedb plugin) and USA (using zap2it plugin).

Plugins Download Page :

Plugin Details :
zap2it Importer ( check English short-info)
Zap2it provides data for Canadian and U.S. postal codes only (more details here : ... -1,00.html)

swedb Importer (check English short-info)

In order to enable TV-Browser support with ChrisTV, please follow next steps:

1. Make sure that you have installed TV-Browser version 2.10 or higher.

2. Launch ChrisTV and go to Program Settings->TV Guide Settings

3. Activate TV-Browser Support.

4. Now you can set the default settings for the scheduled task that will be created when you add a new recording task from TV-Browser.

5. In order to syncronize TV-Browser Channels with ChrisTV Channels, ChrisTV offers two options : Associate TV-Browser Channel Name with ChrisTV Channel NameAssociate TV-Browser Channel Name with ChrisTV Channel Number6. Click "Save Settings" button.

7. Launch TV-Browser and select in Plugins menu - Capture Plugin.

8. Select Devices tab and create a Standard Device (Neues Gerät)/Add Device.

9. Select the new device and go to "Configure Device".

10. In Application tab, browse and locate the ctv_browser.exe file or enter the following in the Application line :
(your ChrisTV program directory)\ctv_browser.exe

11. In Parameter tab enter the following strings :
For recording (aufnahme) parameter :

"-addrec" "{channel_name_external};{channel_name};{start_day}.{start_month}.{start_year};{start_hour}:{start_minute};{end_hour}:{end_minute};{cleanLess(concat(title,testparam(episode,"-"),episode))}"

And delete (Loschen) parameter settings is :

"-delrec" "{channel_name_external};{channel_name};{start_day}.{start_month}.{start_year};{start_hour}:{start_minute};{end_hour}:{end_minute};{cleanLess(concat(title,testparam(episode,"-"),episode))}"

12. In Channels tab, you need to associate the internal name of the channel to the external name ( ChrisTV Channel Name (exact name) or ChrisTV Channel number, see point 5).


For more details on configuring TV-Browser - Capture Plugin visit : - German ... turePlugin - English ( Google translation ) ... rd-Treiber - German ... %2DTreiber - English ( Google translation )

This should enable ChrisTV Support for the TV-Browser EPG.

Thanks to anubclaw for his help on this.
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Post by hanktv »

The only version (English) of TVBrowser I'm able to find on the sites you listed contain only German, Swiss and Austrian chanels--none that are American. Is this an error, or am I doing something wrong?

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Post by Chris »

According to this topic seems that they have removed zap2it plugin for the moment, but it will be rewriten in future.

The zap2it plugin is available again :
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