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Postby Optimus » 23 Nov 2003, 13:29

I Like ChrisTV - its much better than the software provided with the Tunner (PowerVCRII), how i can use my remote control with ChrisTV?
My tunner is ASUS TVFM Card. Pls help me!!!!


Postby uBaH » 27 Nov 2003, 19:23

You need to create new User Defined profile in ASUS Remote Master. Rightclick the icon on the taskbar to launch the ASUS Remote Master editor,choose Open editor, select User Defined and click Advance button. Then press New button to create a new profile.
If Remote Master crashes during this procedure, don't worry, it happens sometimes, but changes will be saved. Open editor again and set up hotkeys for Chris TV.
Remote Master always uses default profile, so you have to switch to User Defined every time you start windows.

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