Hauppauge Pvrs & Hvr1300 - Settings Guide

Make your ChrisTV PVR work better and solve any settings problem
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Post by Chris »

In this topic, you will find a step by step guide for configuring ChrisTV Professional and Standard version 4.90 and above to work correctly with your :
- Hauppauge PVR 150;
- Hauppauge PVR 250;
- Hauppauge PVR 350;
- Hauppauge PVR 500 (both tuners can be used only with ChrisTV PVR Professional);
- Hauppauge PVR USB2;
- Hauppauge HVR 1300 (analog);

You have to download and install ChrisTV version 4.90 or above from http://www.chris-tv.com/download.html
Make sure you have the latest WHQL drivers and Hauppauge MPEG Decoders for your TV card from the manufacturer webpage : Hauppauge Computer Works, Inc.

Step by step configuration :
1. Run ChrisTV Configuration Wizard.
2. Choose capture device : "TV Card (with analog TV Tuner)" and click Next button.
3. Choose :
- TV Card Type : choose your TV card model from the list;
- MPEG Video Decoder : InterVideo NonCSS Video Decoder for Hauppauge or Cyberlink Video Decoder
- MPEG Audio Decoder : InterVideo NonCSS Audio Decoder for Hauppauge or Cyberlink Audio Decoder
click Next button.
4. Choose correctly :
- Video Capture Source : your TV card capture devicename.
- Audio Capture Source : your sound card.
- Sound Playback input : Wave
- Sound Record Input : doesn't matter.
click Next button.
5. Leave default values and click Next button.
6. Choose your Country and Language and leave the other settings to default values and click Next button.
P.S. : For some countries the sound and video could not work correctly because the TV Cable providers don't use the official country Video Standard for the channels that they provide. For example Romania has PAL DK and some providers are using PAL-BG (like Germany) for their channels. So you'll have to change the country to other value.

Also, in ChrisTV you can enable Live Preview Mode (bypass MPEG Hardware Encoder) :
1. Go to Program Settings->MPEG HW Encoding
2. Enable "Use live preview mode..." and "Force audio output..."
3. Restart ChrisTV.

P.S. LivePreview mode is not supported for Hauppauge PVR USB2.

Using this mode you will have low CPU usage and you can use deinterlace filter and ffdshow filter to improve image quality (in this mode you don't need MPEG2 decoders).

If you have sound problems, you should Enable in Program Settings->Driver Settings->Advanced :
1. Use alternative channel frequency setting ( for some TV Cards)
2. Use special frequency tunning (for some TV Cards - MSI TV@nywhere)
And restart.

For configuring your Hauppauge Remote Control to work with ChrisTV PVR, please read this topic :
http://forum.chris-tv.com/index.php?sho ... ost&p=4483

You can also check this topics related with the Hauppauge TV cards on our forum :
http://forum.chris-tv.com/index.php?sho ... ost&p=4483
Best Regards,
ChrisPC Support

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Post by zay »

I think this is the best topic to add this...

I just found out Hauppauge cards do NOT work under Windows Vista 64 bits running 4gb or more of memory.

You have to set your BIOS not to use Memory Remapping. (check you Motherboard manual on how to set it)

Found that out after searching for about a week, so I'd like to save people some time. :-)

Finally got Chris TV Up and running again :-)
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Post by lordrugi »

Does anybody know a hint how to use a PVR-350 under the 64bit version of Windows 7?
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Post by Xenomorph »

Those instructions are pretty outdated. The setup process of ChrisTV looked nothing like that for me.

Also, why would Hauppauge cards not work with Vista 64 more than 4 Gigs RAM? So they work under XP 64 or Win7 64 with more than 4 Gigs?

Why would there be some random 4 Gig limit?

Why would the card work with every other TV viewing program except ChrisTV if there is more than 4 Gigs RAM?

I've been trying to get my HVR-2250 working, and have had zero luck with ChrisTV.

I get this over and over:

Access violation at address 00570C84 in module 'ChrisTV.exe'. Read of address 000003F8
Do you want to continue running ChrisTV?

Clicking "Yes" just causes the message to pop up again. Clicking "No" just closes the program.

I can't scan for channels, change settings, etc.

Windows 7 x64
8 Gigs RAM
Hauppauge HVR-2250
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Post by Xenomorph »

Well, the 5.50 release seemed to make things work under Windows 7 x64 for me. No more "Access violation" errors.

However, the MPEG decoder on my Hauppauge 2250 still isn't supported. :(

I'm watching TV on a cheap $19.99 TV card because my $150 Hauppauge card doesn't work. :(
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Post by patrick076 »

I want to use PVR-350 on 64bit at Windows XP 2007 please suggest me how can i use that
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