How To Make Your Remote Control Work With Christv

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ChrisTV has integrated support for WinLirc but can not receive and process directly the remote control signals, so a third party software is needed in order to control ChrisTV.

Basically in order to control ChrisTV Software, you need an application that receives and process the signal from remote control (as the remote applications that came bundled with the TV Card) and then sends keyboard shortcuts to ChrisTV window. (Here you can see a list of ChrisTV Shortcuts :

1. Applications bundled with TV Cards
Some TV Cards come with a remote software that can be configured to work with third party applications like Winamp, ChrisTV etc.
In this case is very simple you only have to define a custom profile for ChrisTV.exe file and assign for each remote button the keyboard key that should send to ChrisTV Window.

Example of this kind of applications are :
Pinnacle PCTV Remote - comes with any Pinnacle TV Card.

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Go to ChrisTV Folder\Remote Control Files folder - and read the pctv_remote.txt file- Addon to the PCTV Remote Program - profiles.ini (read inside for more details). 
The new remotes, come with other button keycodes, for more info check this topic : ... ost&p=6197

ASUS Remote Master - comes with the Asus TV-FM Cards.
Terratec Cinergy Cards

2. Using third party softwares, a list with the best remote applications you can find here :

Girder 3.3.x
Girder Homepage :
Download :
Step by step walktrough - ... walktrough
Girder FAQ -
Plugins for Girder you can find here : ... derplugins
and also you can search their forum for your TV Card maybe a plugin for your remote is just being made ;) :

Also ChrisTV Package 4.00 and up comes with a "Remote Control Files" folder where you can find :
a ) ChrisTV Program Exported Group for Girder 3.2x and up (ChrisTV Program.GML file)
b ) BRemote addon for ChrisTV support (Bremote.txt)
c ) ATI Remote Wonder Plugin for controlling ChrisTV
d ) Hauppauge remote configuration file (Irremote.ini) ready to control ChrisTV, for more details please read this topic : ... #entry4483
e ) ChrisTV uICE Application Group
f ) Addons to the PCTV Remote Program - profiles.ini (read the file for more details).

Some guides how to make your remote work (made by users :) ):

For Leadtek TV Cards: ... p?id=13420

For PixelView PlayTV Pro: ... =PixelView

For Much TV Card :

For Asus Tvfm Card :

For Medion Card - Girder Plugin :

For Terratec Cinergy 400/600 - Girder Plugin : ... t=terratec

For Wayjet/Jetway TV Card - use Bremote and in settings choose as TV Card Kworld TV Card.

For Pinnacle Pctv 310i :

For Msi Tv@anywhere Master :

If you have any other remote control devices/settings or you want to give advices or tips to ChrisTV's users please feel free to post HERE :D
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BRemote settings file can be found in the attachement from this topic : ... eadid=9111
or ... wnload&lr=

Also the Bremote Script for ChrisTV 3.60 has changed :
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Post by drumkid »

Hey Folks,

I have made a site which should help all users with Lifeviews' bundled "lvhidsvc.exe" (e.g. Lifeview, Highscreen, or even Typhoon TV Cards, I assume, it is bundled with most TVCards) to make their remote work as they want to with any program.

Search the file 'lvhidsvc.exe' on your computer (when having installed the original software before) or on the drivers CD, if you find it, you should be able to take advantage of the information provided on

Feel free to contact me.
Watching TV is fun...

drumkid :D
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Post by Chris »

ChrisTV 4.10 brings improved configuration files for third party remote control applications.

Under the "ChrisTV \ Remote Control Files" Folder you can find the configuration files for :ChrisTV plugin for the ATI Remote Wonder 1, 2 & Plus BremoteGirderPinnacle Remote ApplicationuICEChrisTV Configuration Guide for Girder

1. Girder can be found and downloaded from : or Girder 3.29

2. Check for a plugin for your remote and install it under the Girder\Plugin folder. ... ucCode=800

3. In "ChrisTV\Remote Control Files\Girder" you can find "ChrisTV Program.GML" - ChrisTV Exported Group for Girder software.
a. Launch Girder
b. Goto File->Settings
c. On the General tab choose Browse and select the ChrisTV_Program GML file.
d. Click Auto Load so that Girder automatically Loads up this file on Startup.

4. Select and setup the plugin for your Remote.
a. Go to the Plugins tab.
b. Find and check the name of the plugin you installed.
c. Click Apply, Click Auto Enable Input Device and Click OK.

5. Now you get to the actual setting up of the buttons to do the actual commands.
To setup an event (button press) to a command the steps are:
a. Select the an action ( for example Basic Function-> "Mute")
b. Click on the remote icon next to the desired command.
c. Click Learn Event
d. Press the remote key that you want to execute that event.

Click on the plus symbol to expand each group.
Repeat the learning of events for each command.

After you have made the changes, make sure that you save them (File->Save)

For more info you should check Girder Help, available here :

Configuration Guide - ChrisTV Plugin for the ATI Remote Wonder

1. Launch ATI Remote Wonder application

2. Go to Plug-ins Tab and click Import.

3. Browse for ChrisTV.dll file which can be found in "ChrisTV\Remote Control Files\ATI Remote Wonder Plugin" folder (for example "C:\Program Files\ChrisTV\Remote Control Files\ATI Remote Wonder Plugin")

4. Now you can control ChrisTV Application if ChrisTV TV Window is in focus.

5. You can choose to control ChrisTV no matter what window is in focus, by choosing an AUXiliary key to control ChrisTV.
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Post by Chris »

Thanks to Stormbringer for his help on this.

HAUPPAUGE Remote Control Settings for ChrisTV PVR

Getting the Hauppauge remote control to work with ChrisTV PVR (AND Media Center) is a bit of tricky and involves a bit of "hacking", but it shouldn't be too hard to accomplish.

Download the latest IR Remote control application package from Hauppauge's website and install latest driver : Hauppauge Support Page

Extract the contents of the latest hauppauge driver you've downloaded by using WinRAR or TUGZip and copy hcwi2c32.dll to C:\WINDOWS\System32.

Install the IR Remote control application software and close it right after successful installation (right-click the small remote control icon in the systray next to the clock and choose "Exit").

Inside of C:\WINDOWS you'll find a file called irremote.ini. Rename it to irremote.orig for backup purposes and replace it with the version attached to this posting. Start the IR Remote control software and you're done.

The keys are mapped as follows (silver remote control) for ChrisTV PVR :

Remote Key Function assigned
Green Power - Close ChrisTV PVR
Go - Unassigned
1 ... 0 - 1 ... 0
Prev. Channel - Last Channel

CH+ - One channel forward
CH- - One channel backward
VOL- - Decrease volume
VOL+ - Increase volume

RED - Activate/Deactivate Zoom
BLUE - Activate/Deactivate Teletext

MUTE - Mute
Back/Exit - Switch from/to fullscreen
<< - Rewind Timeshift
> - Play/Pause Timeshift
>> - FastForward Timeshift
REC - Start/Stop Video Recording
STOP - Activate/Deactivate Timeshift
PAUSE - Play/Pause Timeshift
|< - Jump to Timeshift begining
>| - Jump to Timeshift end

If you like to customize it to your own needs you'll find the appropriate additions at the end of the file.
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